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We are proud of all past group members who have contributed to our research significantly!

Marble Surface

Year 2021

Nicholas Parcharidis (2020–2021)     Role: Undergraduate    

Stanley Chan (2020–2021)                Role: Undergraduate     

Year 2022

Shiru Lin (2020–2022)                    Role: Postdoctoral Researcher  

                                                      Current occupation: Assistant professor in chemistry at Texas Woman's University

Weiming Qin (2021–2022)             Role: Undergraduate

Katherine Martin (2021–2022)       Role: First-year graduate student  Current occupation: Research associate at Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

Year 2023

Elizabeth Donahue (2020–2023)     Role: Undergraduate

Alexander Hone (2021–2023)          Role: Undergraduate

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