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If you are an incoming graduate student interested in theoretical chemistry, here is a list of suggested courses that you might want to take in your first-year graduate study:

Fall semester

Core courses:

CHEM6676  Physical Chemistry Principles and Applications                   (Foundations of quantum mechanics for physical chemists)

CHEM5537  Mechanistic Organic Chemistry                           (Physical organic chemistry – Thermodynamics, kinetics, bonding, etc.)

CHEM5579  Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics           (Equilibrium statistical mechanics for chemists)

Elective courses (Do not take more than two courses):

PHYS8761  Solid-State Physics I                                                          (Foundations for computational materials chemistry and catalysis)

PHYS7711  Classical Mechanics              (Foundations for statistical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and molecular dynamics)

PHYS7835 Mathematical Physics I                         (A great course if you are interested in electronic-structure theory development)

CHEM5521  Introduction to Machine Learning with Applications to Chemistry           (A joint course offered by the CS department)

Spring semester

Core courses:

CHEM6612  Scientific Communication in Chemistry         (How to write a paper, write a research proposal, and do a presentation.)

PHYS7721  Statistical Physics I               (From classical/quantum properties of individual particles to collective thermodynamics)

PHYS7742  Quantum Mechanics II                        (Fundamental theories for light-matter interaction and heavy-element chemistry)


Elective courses (Do not take more than one course):

PHYS8762  Solid-State Physics II                                                    (Foundations for solid-state theory development)

PHYS4300  Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing    (How to implement your equations in practical computer algorithms)

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