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Graduate Students

Multiple positions

        Are you interested in exploring chemistry with absolutely no safety concern? Are you eager to use physics to model our material world? Join us! We need talented and passionate students like you in our team! 

        For incoming students, feel free to email me. For current first-year students, feel free to schedule a meeting with me. 

      If you are an incoming graduate student interested in joining us, here is a suggested list​ for your first-year curriculum.


Postdoctoral Associate

Multiple positions

        Please send me your CV (including a publication list) and a brief description of research interest. Two references will be contacted when necessary. We are currently looking for candidates with strong programming skills (either in Fortran or Python) and experiences in deriving or implementing theories. We can always start with a joyful chat! 


Undergraduate Students

Multiple positions

        Do you want to acquire first-hand research experience in theory and computation? Our group is always open to curious minds! 

       Undergraduate Research Fellowships enable you to enjoy research while getting paid

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